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Journal Papers
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Comparison of two and three-dimensional flow and habitat modeling in pool-riffle sequences Summer 2019
Flow structure through a fluvial pool-riffle sequence – Case study Spring 2018
A comparison of two-dimensional and three-dimensional flow structures over artificial pool-riffle sequences Summer 2017
Research Note « Application of Quadrant Analysis in Determination of Bursting Values in Scouring around Bridge Pier(In Persian) Spring 2015
Turbulence characteristics of favorable pressure gradient flows in gravel-bed channel with vegetated walls Spring 2015
The Application of Two-point Method for Estimation of Flow Hydrodynamic Parameters in Mountainous Cobble-Bed Rivers(In Persian) Spring 2013
Effects of accelerating and decelerating currents on flow structure in a channel with vegetated walls and gravel bed Summer 2012
Lee Angle Effects in Near Bed Turbulence: An Experimental Study on Low and Sharp Angle Dunes Summer 2012
Determination of Form Friction Factor Summer 2010
Effect of vegetation on banks on distributions of velocity and Reynolds stress under accelerating flow Summer 2010
Conference Papers
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Effect of flow rate, aspect ratio and slope on Darcy Wiesbach coefficient in the presence of accelerated flow in a laboratory flume with vegetation on the wall and gravel on the bed(In Perian) Spring 2011
Comparison of balanced flow criteria in a laboratory flume with gravel bed and vegetation in the wall(In Persian) Spring 2011
Investigation of normal stresses in balanced non-uniform flow in the presence of vegetation(In Persian) Winter 2010
Effect of flow rate, aspect ratio and slope on Darcy Wiesbach coefficient in a laboratory flume with vegetation in wall and coarse-grained bed(In Persian) Winter 2010
Comparison of estimating shear velocity methods for uniform flow in the presence of vegetation(In Persian) Winter 2009
Interaction of bed form and flow resistance in the reach of a gravel river(In Persian) Spring 2009
Evaluation of different resistance coefficient models in sandy and gravel rivers and classification of Shields parameter on estimation accuracy(In Persian) Winter 2009
Investigation of balanced flow, universal law and Coles' law in non-uniform flow with poor motion of bed particles(In Persian) Fall 2009
Estimation of arc parameters in gravel and cobble rivers using flow geometry and hydrodynamic characteristics(In Persian) Fall 2008

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تحت نظارت وف ایرانی